Al Jamal

Al Jamal has become a favorite among Istanbul’s jet set with its delicious food, incredible interior design and colorful shows. Experience fabulous belly dancing performance with superb Middle Eastern style food and outstanding service.

The owner of Al-Jamal, Izzet Çapa, whose name is well known amid Istanbul’s nightlife, also created Cahide. Just like Cahide, the food is delicious, and the show is great.

There is a choice between the Turkish raki and international fine wine. There are fresh regional mezes, which include yoghurt, muhammara, manti, eggplant salad, and hummus.

Feel like a sultan in the harem like interior design and fascinating mixture of “western” and “oriental” music. Warm appetizers, including falafel, lahmacun (Turkish pizza with minced meat), and çig börek are served as a live singer makes it through the tables, followed by a live Beautiful, breathtaking belly dance performance.

An impressive number of celebrities and draws loyal clientele from destinations all over the city and the world.

Al Jamal offers a truly one-of-a-kind Istanbul event experience with an excellent Bosporus view.

Al Jamal
Taskisla Cad. No:3 Macka Demokrasi
Parki ici
tel +90 231 0356

For more information visit

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  • Fusun

    I have been to Cahide and that’s one the top best place in Istanbul. Al Jamal is from the same owner.
    I can imagine what a great place he made again..

  • J.

    Is Cahide still open?
    I have read somewhere that the owner is bored and that he is looking for new ideas.
    by the way the new look of istanbulview is really good.

  • Cahide is still open, indeed there was a rumor that Izzet Çapa got bored and would close. it must have been just a rumor. Cahide is one of the best places of Istanbul, and this month they have a new show “Woman to Woman party” with famous male strippers Adrian Guissini from Milan and Adam X from New York.

    I’m glad you like the new look of Istanbulview. We worked very hard on it.

  • Nancy Black

    What time does the dinner start ? We will be in Istanbul for 2 nights only, and would love to go !

    • Emaanshal

      can u plz tell me about the prices

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  • jose cernadas

    Do you accept credit cards?

  • niki

    hi can u plz tell me about their prices

  • Gul

    hi there
    the website you have given is not working. is there an official website for Al Jamal pls? thanx

  • ahmed

    please price night of new years 6 persons al jamal

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  • Lesley

    We would like to reserve a table for 2 people for dinner at 8pm on Friday 25 May in the name of Mr Noel Barry.  Please confirm reservation to my email address.