City’s Nisantasi

City’s Nisantasi shopping center is located on the street of Tesvikiye that is the heart of retail shopping in the luxurious district of NISANTASI in Istanbul.

Nisantasi is the center of fashion in Turkey, and the most prestigious national and international trademarks can be found in the district.

Nisantasi is one of the most historical districts of Istanbul. The most elite people lived in this neighborhood throughout its history. The development of the district starts when Sultan Selim the 3rd builds an archery drilling area (deep effects of European point of view could be observed on the Sultan).

During the last period of 18th century, Abdülhamit the 1st chose Nisantasi for the wedding ceremonies of his sisters that lasted two weeks. The close location of the district to the palaces of Dolmabahçe and Yildiz, the effect of Pera culture, dwellers of many international perspectives and high purchasing power made Nisantasi a lively and cosmopolitan district.

About City’s
City’s Nisantasi project is a prominent A+ Project that has the top location in Istanbul with an investment of 125.000.000 USD

City’s features 150 stores, cinema’s, Top local and global brands, cafes and exclusive restaurants. Starbucks is on the first floor, and the Canadian coffee chain Second Cup Coffee, has opened its first branch in Turkey. On the second floor there is a Gloria Jeans Cafe, and Café Crown on the third level.

Food and Drinks
The Restaurants are on the fourth floor. The famous Yummies Food Bar offers an international menu focusing on Italian specialties. Alongside it is the Mexican restaurant Cantina Mariachi, with colorful decorations and sizzling Mexican platters with guacamole and salsa. Suinn is a hip and chic Japanese and sushi eatery with modern minimalist Asia decoration and wonderful smells of fresh sushi rolls and green tea. Next-door is the first branch of the Etiler-based eatery “Harvard Café” that has a cozy atmosphere and offers a similar menu to its original location. Across from Harvard Café is the 10Dieci bar that looks like a fashionable after-work hangout.

Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream is on the same floor that opened its second store in Turkey after Kanyon.

The movie complex is at the top level of City’s. Also, there is an excellent dining area with the Asian restaurant Celandon which will immediately catch your eye. Celadon has award-winning chefs and serves mostly Chinese food. Next to Celandon is a French restaurant, Clementine owned and run by Levent Penso. The restaurant Grey which offers international cuisine and especially Italian food is also run by Levent Panso.

The most unique restaurant of City’s is “Limonata” by culinary entrepreneur Izzet Çapa. With an enthusiastic and outgoing staff along with a pile of colorful fresh vegetables and an open kitchen. But the dining area with crystals, fireplace, and elite art gives an impression of high-class dining.

City’s Nisantasi
Tesvikiye Caddesi No. 162, Sisli, 34365 Istanbul

Tel: 212 373 33 33

Official website / Facebook / twitter

Let me know what you think of City’s in the comments.

Author: istanbul

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  • gamze

    I like to shop in Citys, and there location in Nisantasi is perfect.

  • ebru

    You should try the Fish restaurant on 4 th floorr nishfish

  • Kako

    I like the Citylife movie theater. It’s clean and very nice.

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