Top 10 Coffee Shops in Istanbul

The English word coffee first came to be used in the early- to mid-1600s, It comes from the Ottoman Turkish Kahveh. It was even banned in Ottoman Turkey in the 17th century for political reasons and was associated with rebellious political activities in Europe.

Istanbul has been the center of the coffee trade between East and West for centuries. Today coffee shops in Istanbul are popular more than ever, as they have spread like wildfire. The rushed business traveler rarely has to worry about where to find a cup of coffee. That’s because you can find a coffee shop on every street corner.

Real coffee snobs argue that the best java is found at small local cafes where each cup is painstakingly crafted. Often tucked away in neighborhoods outside of a city’s financial district, these shops can be difficult to get to for a business traveler.

We recommend independent coffee shops in Istanbul for business travelers bored with the same four hotel walls. Coffee houses are a great place to experience the local geography and culture.

Here are some of the top coffee shops in Istanbul Turkey. Because of recommendation by our visitors the list of coffee shops has grown and will be updated regularly.

  • Simdi Cafe

    simdi.jpgThis chic, quiet cafe is called Simdi (Now) and it is the first floor of a very trendy old Pera building..
    The interior is well decorated and so much relaxing than having your coffee in Markiz Passage.

    If you like to chill out and enjoy meeting local intellectuals it is a nice place to go. The coffees and fresh juices are excellent and take a piece of delicious Orange cake to go with it. Simdi is Located in Smyrna Beyoglu side streets

    Asmalı Mescit No:9 Beyoglu
    Tel: 0212 252 54 43

  • The House Café

    house cafeThe House Café, is one of Istanbul’s hip coffee shop chains. This trendy cafe with outlets in several locations, such as Ortakoy, Tunel, and Nisantasi. All are styled by hot design team Autobahn. The original in Nisanstisi on the Bosphorus shoreline is my favorite with its secret entrance, tables scattered around and a cozy garden.

  • Java Studio Istanbul

    java studioA Coffee Shop and Art Gallery. Enjoy the finest coffees, teas and other refreshments Istanbul has to offer. Sample fresh treats made from authentic recipes in their international Bakery. View fine art by renowned local artist and shop for fine quality Turkish handicrafts in relaxing, pleasant surroundings, attended by helpful and knowledgeable staff.

    Java Studio was founded by Canadian, Jennifer Gaudet, she has created an environment out of a former carpet shop in a side street of Sultanahmet that feels just like home when you’re half a world away from it.

    Cankurtaran Mahalllesi, Dalbastı Sokak, No:13A
    Sultanahmet / İSTANBUL
    Tel: +90 212 517 23 78

  • Midpoint cafe

    midpoint.jpgMidpoint cafe, situated at the most heart beating points of the city like Bagdat caddesi (Baghdad street), Nisantasi, and Levent Kanyon.
    Cozy as well as a chic atmosphere. Midpoint is everybody’s meeting point.

    More info at

  • ADA

    ada-istanbul.jpgA cavernous place that’s half book and music store and half bar-café, it has style and substance in equal measure. The house wine by the glass is Antik, an excellent quaffing drop, and the coffee is good too. They offer sales on books, cassettes, and CDs to their members.
    Istiklal Caddesi 330, Beyoğlu
    Tel: (212) 251 38 78

  • Second Cup Coffee

    secondcup.jpgSecond Cup is Canada’s largest specialty coffee franchisor and has grown to more than 360 cafés across Canada and over 15 cafés internationally, making Second Cup a second home to hundreds of guests every day.

    Second Cup is located in Cities

    More info at

  • Fazıl Bey’s Turkish Coffee House

    fazilbey.jpgOne of the oldest stores in the bazaar, is trying to form a chain of stores to spread the smell of its own coffee in Istanbul. Stop by for a cup of Turkish coffee served with Turkish delight and a glass of cold water on a metal tray.

    Architect Fazıl Tuncalı was born in Kadıköy in 1923. Like every father, he never lost his fondness for Turkish coffee.

  • Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co

    barnies.jpgBarnie’s Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company® was founded over 2 decades ago and has grown into America’s largest privately owned gourmet coffee and tea purveyor. Barnie’s Coffee® offers the world’s finest hand selected gourmet coffee beans with an extensive selection of Flavored, Decaffeinated, Light, Medium and Dark Roasts.

  • John’s Coffee

    John’s Coffee brought the first “Specialty Coffee” to be served in the first “Coffee Shop” in Turkey.
    this little boutique shop, John’s Coffee, gives you peace wherever you are.

  • Kahve Dünyası

    dunya.jpgKahve Dünyası opened its first store in Eminönü in Istanbul in 2004 and also became a wholesaler. Today, it has 12 stores and 11 stands in Istanbul, Antalya and Eskişehir. Kahve Dünyası adopted the management model of its international rivals

    More info at

  • Starbucks

    coffee.jpgStarbucks Coffee Company is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world. They are every where in Istanbul, and every one of them is full. They are also in every shopping mall. I don’t know the total number of stores in Istanbul now, but on Bagdat Caddesi (Street) there are now already 8 Starbucks cafe’s

    They are truly Turkish Starbucks. In recognition of the long-standing coffee drinking culture in Turkey, Starbucks also offers Turkish style coffee in Istanbul,

    More info at

  • Gloria Jeans Cafe

    gloriajeans.jpgWith stores in over 20 countries, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a leading specialty coffee retailer and one of the fastest growing franchise organisations in the world.
    Gloria Jean’s Coffees has a large range of specialty coffee including delicious flavoured coffees, and a complete menu of espresso-based beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, smoothie chillers, cocoas and gourmet teas.

    More info at

Will the trend of drinking foreign brand coffees get old?, the demand for Turkish coffee is tremendous and is catching up. A Turkish Coffee Cup Reading can only foretell the future.

Turkish citizen will never give up drinking Turkish coffee. Regardless of trends, Turkish coffee has always remained in the league.

Leave a comment if you think some good coffee shops are missing.

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  • E.Ozgur Kuru

    well, the selection is a bit poor in my opinion.

    it lacks some of the flag ships of Istanbul’s coffee scene in my humble opinion; namely Keve, Pia, Kaktüs and the House Cafe chain.

  • AL-Hamdani
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    Your rapid reply is expected with thanks

    Best Regards
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  • If you listen to our customers, they will tell you that we beat Starbucks and Gloria Jeans hands down, but then again most of my customers are tourists from America, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. We’re in the heart of Sultanahmet and offer the best coffee in the area. I would invite you to please come down and check us out.

    Java Studio
    Cankurtaran Mah.
    Dalbasti Sok. No.13A
    Sultanahmet, Istanbul

    Thanks for your time and consideration. Look forward to meeting you for a coffee.
    Jennifer Gaudet
    Java Studio

  • I was interested in the selection of coffeehouses listed here until I saw Starbucks and Gloria Jeans, at which point the credibility of the author went out the window. What a shame for what could have been a potentially useful article…

  • Asya

    I enjoyed Starbucks when I was in college. That is, until I started finding, the little independent coffee shops that are tucked away from the main streets down in little side streets of Istanbul. The delicious (fresh!) coffee served by unstressed staff is always going to win me over, and a comfortable and relaxing ambiance makes a coffee break feel like an actual break, not a queue for a caffeine injection like Starbucks.

    In short, Starbucks introduced me to coffee, while independant coffee shops taught me to enjoy it. Starbucks actually might be helping, independent coffee shops.

  • Nino

    Columbus Cafe has undeniably the best coffee around…the baristas always smiling and serve you from the heart + the relaxed atmosphere is second to none…Columbus has currenly a shop on Nurosmaniye and in Metroport and many many to come…the bear is so loving

    So…Take some time for yourself…

  • Melan

    These are all same type fancy touristic staff that you can find anywhere around the world!! We need some thing more OTTOMAN! The only coffee shop I would count from above would be Fazli Bey!
    Search for the few Ottoman style coffee shops folks!

  • uniq

    although the information seems to be from 08, i followed the invitation of jennifer and hunted down her coffee shop. to my surprise, it looked closed from the outside, yet i tried to open the doors which even were unlocked. i went inside, said ‘hello’ and ‘merhaba’, however did not get any response. now i’m at starbucks sultanahmet, sipping a ‘venti non-fat latte’ (oh man, they should be punished for their names), recover from the torrentous rain and have a fast and reliable internet connection.

    too bad it’s the multinationals that seldomly let you down…

  • K.G.

    Turkish Coffee has been around for over 500 years. Today ‘the commercial west’ has yet to really experience this most exotic coffee in it’s original form. It happens to be the original style in which coffee was first introduced to the world by the Ottoman Empire. As the popularity of coffee spread through the ages, new ways of making it also developed. We are all familiar with the coffees that are served at cafes all over the world…. but our coffee interests are waning. It’s becoming a redundant ritual to have the coffees we are usually served.
    Now western coffee connoisseurs are rediscovering what set off the coffee frenzy that lasted over 500 years, coming back full circle in coffee trends that are just now appearing: Turkish Coffee. Made from an exotic blend of specific high-grade beans, slowly cooked to a rich froth. It has an amazing lingering aroma that delightfully prompts one want to inhale it deeply.
    There’s one shop in Istanbul’s Eminönü district that, if one buys freshly ground coffee, the aroma of the product will surround the person wherever they go.
    The sheer novelty that accompanies this most exotic coffee is the fact that the Turkish Coffee experience does not end with the last sip. The novel Turkish coffee drinker knows the whimsy beyond the drink itself which, in my opinion, is the most entertaining part of having Turkish Coffee;
    The reading of the grounds left after the coffee is consumed. The consumer covers the finished cup with its saucer, quickly yet carefully turns the set upside down leaving it to cool enough for the grounds to be read.
    The Turkish Coffee reader does not have to be someone with special powers or abilities.
    Anyone can play the fortuneteller as certain symbols and markings have particular meaning. It’s quite simple enough, since one well-known Turkish Coffee shop encloses a fortune booklet with their product.
    It’s ironic that just as Turkish consumers, while wishing to be globally trendy, are familiarizing themselves with western coffee and cafes, the most discriminating of western coffee tastes are finding delight in a cup with 500 years of history…

    As a final note I must mention that any article about Coffee and Istanbul, without the reference of one very remarkable coffee brand established
    in 1871 with the family having been in business for over 200 of the 500+ year history of coffee (from the Ottoman Empire to the founding of the Turkish Republic) has much more homework to do.

  • fyz

    chocolate&coffee is the best coffee shop for me and my whole friends which is in Çengelköy,İSTANBUL.Everybody should go there and drink their special coffee with their extremely delicious chocolates.I believe that everyone love this cute cafe :)  

  • Olyalphy

    Java Studio is closed!!

  • Olyalphy

    Just a footnote to that last post. I spoke to Jennifer (used to run Java) who also has a shop in Arasta Bazaar, recommended this coffee shop:
    Denizen Coffee on Sahit Mehmetpasa (near the Blue Mosque).

  • schloss

    Starbucks and Gloria Jeans really make it on to the top 10 coffee shops in the whole of Istanbul. I’m sure they are chains that serve a purpose, but top 10? MacDonalds are everywhere in my town but that doesn’t make them one of the best restaurants!

  • littleserenade

    I’ve really surprised when I saw the name of Coffee in Istanbul,Kadıkoy.The nameof the coffee was “QAHWAH”.I’ve wondered what does it mean and i asked the employee who cleaned the table.He didn’t answer,he just asked me to sit and gestured with his hand to behind of the bar.When I was listening the “QAHWAH”s history,i realized that i’ve drinked two glasses of Turkish coffe and eaten 7 Turkish delight.When i leaving there it is the smells of coffee on my nose…They made a real real real Turkish Cofee if l visiting the Turkey again,I’ll take coffee packed in 1 kg…

  • littleserenade

    I’ve really surprised when I saw the name of Coffee in Istanbul,Kadıkoy.The nameof the coffee was “QAHWAH”.I’ve wondered what does it mean and i asked the employee who cleaned the table.He didn’t answer,he just asked me to sit and gestured with his hand to behind of the bar.When I was listening the “QAHWAH”s history,i realized that i’ve drinked two glasses of Turkish coffe and eaten 7 Turkish delight.When i leaving there it is the smells of coffee on my nose…They made a real real real Turkish Cofee if l visiting the Turkey again,I’ll take coffee packed in 1 kg…

  • Niamkepvco

    MOBILE 00225 05421088

  • Mathias Weber

    Do they have wlan in Simdi cafe? How noisy is it in the cafe?

  • Mr Wicky Woo

    Starbucks coffee is the worst, cheap blends etc. how much money do they need before they can make a decent cup? It is interesting certainly n the UK and europe how starbucks and its environment has become very much like mcdonalds – manypeople, loads of rubbish ESP in sitting al fresco areas, terrible food brought in frozen, cakes taste awful and artificial, such a souless experience.

  • James C

    How on Earth is Mandabatmaz on Istiklal or Ethem’s Coffeehouse near the Grand Bazaar not on this list?

  • Kamile Ko

    I still believe that the best coffe you can ever try is made at my house with my coffee machine- kavos
    aparatai namams
    , believe me, it is worth to try it at least once in your life

  • Onur

    You should try turkish coffee at Velvet Cafe in Galata. great presentation of the coffee as well as the taste. They ask you to choose yoır cup from their old cup collection from all over the world. Very nice music, home feeling sofas and decoration. highly recommended if you are looking for a local and boutique coffee shop with homemade stuff.

  • Madison Hannah

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