Absolut Vodka Limited Edition Istanbul Bottle by Turkish Designer Yigit Yazici

The latest collector’s bottle from Absolut is dedicated to Istanbul, a collaboration between the trendy vodka label and Turkish Artist Yigit Yazici. Absolut Istanbul pays tribute to the city’s iconic emblems, Galata Tower and the Bosphorus in vibrant colours into a single bottle design.

Yigit Yazici, whose style was heavily influenced by Expressionism, Pop Art and the CoBRA movement, keeps to his artistic approaches and in this design employs the palette, orange, violet, yellow, white, black and electric blue. On the front of the bottle, the label features the tower and a boat in black, onthe side it has got a stagecoach and a fish, and on the back the stripped background is ‘torn’ by the Bosphorus, which is pictured white.

In an interview, which has been translated and published on www.theartdossier.com, Yigit Yazici talks about his work and shares on what inspired him to create a new European city bottle for ABSOLUT.

Yigit Yazici tells about his starting point to design the ABSOLUT Istanbul bottle, “Istanbul is synthesis of different cultures and it never lost its importance since many ages. It is where Bosphorus joins Asia and Europe, a meeting point accommodating east and west at the same time. Istanbul has unique aspects; vegetation, fishes, etc. It was always the ‘favorite’ of different nations over the eras with endless stories. It inspired many painters, musicians, men of letters of various nationalities. I thought about all of these; a city having memories, colorful with its ‘cigerci,’ ‘Simitci,’ subject to many poems. Music resonating from Bosphorus villas, people going by boat in moonlight …. Istanbul is full of richness, one side looking to Black Sea and on the other side its unique Princess Islands, all full of memories. These were my inspirations.”

Read the full interview here.

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