Alien to RFID tag Istanbul

Istanbul Municipality Selects Alien RFID Solution For Vehicle Tracking In Turkey.

Residents eligible for parking permits will be issued with a RFID tag mounted on the vehicle window that will store driver information and details about what kind of parking they are eligible for. tags will be scanned to confirm a vehicle is parked legally.

The electronic system will be more convenient for residents because they will no longer need to carry cash, and more secure because no money will be handled by drivers or council staff.

The Municipality of Pendik has installed the STS/Alien RFID vehicle tracking solution for their employee parking lots.

We believe the RFID reader/tag solution from Alien to be superior to other solutions we tested, said Omer Elci, Transportation Manager for the Pendik Municipality. We were impressed with STS ability to provide the RFID hardware and software integration solution to suit our needs.

The benefits to the municipality are multi-fold, including complete traceability of the vehicles location, says Tanhu Dizgec, president of Istanbul-based STS Technology This RFID solution from Alien Technology provides a seamless method of securing parking payment and enhancing the security for public employees. As a result of this first EPC-compliant vehicle tracking installation, we are now involved in half a dozen pilots with leading universities and municipalities throughout Turkey.

You don’t dare leave your car illegally parked when the parking enforcement truck is around. Forget towing – they pick your car up and take it away.

Such a system would allow those who wish to pay more for great spots to pay a premium bringing in better direct revenue for government while encouraging others to park for short duration. It would remove the limitations of having to hand out parking tickets and those who sign up could be billed electronically with invoices being provided online as well as through mail to make collection easier.

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