Beyrouth Cafe

Beyrouth Cafe in Istanbul is the latest venture by Capamarka, who brought a brand new version of Lebanese, one that combines a cafe and club, delicious food, incredible interior design and fabulous belly dancing performance.

Beyrouth is located in the historic Akaretler Row Houses where Al Jamal used to be.

The owner of Beyrouth, Izzet Çapa, whose name is well known amid Istanbul’s nightlife, also created Al Jamal. Just like Al Jamal, the food is delicious and the show is great.

The menu is quite extensive with hot and cold meze, pide, lahmacun, risottos and pizzas to burgers and salads. You can select from the menu based on your horoscope or try the flavours that could be adapted to the evening, like champagne, vodka and whiskey flavoured ones.

As the day moves into night the venue transforms into the place to see and be seen. People appear as if they just left the ball or a wedding as they try all the items on the cocktail menu one at a time. The music moves from Arabic to Turkish and the signature belly dancer shows of Capa venue begins.

The belly dancer shows, which begin after 23.00, get those who claim not to dance to Turkish pop on their feet to get the unmistakeable Capamarka effect.

Adres :
Beyrouth Cafe and Club
Süleyman Seba Caddesi 42-46
Akaretler, Beşiktaş

Tel: (212) 2365017

For more info follow them on facebook.

Author: istanbul

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