Borusan music and art house

Borusan music and art house in Istanbul is located in the historic neighborhood of Beyoglu. The Art Center is a multi-purpose space for exhibitions, events, rehearsals and various other cultural training programs.

Located in a newly restored six-story historic building designed by a French architect and built in 1875, and redesigned by GAD architects.

The music and arts center preserves the existing historical shell of the building while completely removing the buildings original core. Large glass windows link the ground floor to the street visually. V-shaped tubes, LED lighting columns to the building makes it a unique appearance.

This new culture center will symbolize the cultural and arts renaissance presently occurring throughout the city while also preserving the architectural legacy of Istanbul.

The center will not only host concerts but also modern dance and theater performances, contemporary art exhibitions, and art workshops.

As an arts venture launched in 2008 by the Borusan Center for Culture and Arts, ArtCenter/Istanbul contributes to the production and appreciation of contemporary art in Istanbul through studio residencies for young artists open to visitors. A meeting point for young talents, art circles, and art followers, aiming at building a stronger interdisciplinary dialog.

ArtCenter/Istanbul provides studio space under favorable economic conditions to young and promising artists during the embryonic stages of their careers. Supplying vital resources and support for the production of art, creating opportunities for experimental and innovative artistic projects and contributing to interdisciplinary and intercultural dialog are among its primary objectives. It offers workshop activities in the areas of painting, sculpture, photography, video and multimedia.

Borusan Art Center Istanbul situated on Ayhan Işık Street in Beyoğlu, where most of Istanbul’s cultural centers are located. Thanks to its favorable location, it serves Istanbul’s residents and visitors via artist studios open to the public. In this way, it aims to advance the notion that everyone can create a bond with the creative energy by making the process of artistic output a part of the everyday life of the community. ArtCenter/İstanbul will also nourish the artists’ creative efforts and will host activities that will encourage the public to appreciate its value.

Borusan Music and Art House (Müzik Evi)
İstiklal Caddesi, Orhan Adli Apaydın Sokak No:1
Beyoğlu, İstanbul

+90 (212) 336 32 80

Visiting Hours: 10.00–18.00 except for Sundays and Mondays

Visit their website for more info

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