Cahide Cabaret

The very interactive show at Cahide Cabaret Restaurant features a nightly drag hostess comedian, cabaret performance by the hostess and other drag waitresses and participation from an “audience gone wild”.

Cahide (pronounced Ja-heed) is one of its kind in Turkey and is fabulous place, very avant guard, very extravagant entertainment. The layout of the venue is decadent with round booth style tables spread along the back of the venue which then leads down to long rectangular tables and another level down more tables with two bars on each side of the stage.

Cahide boasts outrageous drag queen cabaret. They are singing and karaoke on some of the original Cabaret songs and also some takes on Brittany and Pink. The sexy waiters in tuxedos serve delicious Turkish cuisine, with fresh meze, home made breads, shish kebabs, and salmon with noodles or lamb.

A must for any bachelorette. Cahide is the most popular place in Istanbul and read about in just about every newspaper and magazine. Visited over the years by a number of celebrities such as Enrique Iglesias.

Cahide Cabaret
Kadirgalar Caddesi Macka Parki
Macka – Istanbul
+90 212 219 6530

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