Cahide Sayfiye

CAHİDE Sayfiye is the summer venue of Beyoğlu Cahide in Istanbul. It is located in a green area of Maçka. It is full everyday of the week with artists, journalists, designers and businessmen.

Cahide summer club is one of Istanbul’s premier venues. An escape from the typical Istanbul nightlife scene, to an alive Istanbul Style vibe.

Frequented by the most Magnetic people that this city has to offer, Cahide has become the “must-be-seen at” Hotspots. For either a nice blissful night to entertain with friends, or a zestful night of dancing to the hottest DJ, Cahide is the perfect spot for any celebration.

With a huge aquarium bar full with all kinds of exotic fish. Escape to the different colored VIP lounges. Cahide features it’s high-end selection of Champagne and distinct cocktails.

Located in Maçka park, each night hold it’s own distinct flavour show with local and international dancers.

There is an open kitchen at the venue offering Spanish cuisine. Italian and French music is played during dining hours.

CAHİDE Sayfiye (Summer Club)
Kadırgalar Cad. Maçka parkı içi

Tel: (0212)219 65 30-31

For more information visit

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