Capacity Bakırköy Shopping Center

Capacity Bakırköy Shopping Center, the biggest shopping center of the spot defined as 3rd District of Istanbul, serves its visitors as a center of life and shopping.

Capacity, which took its place among the select and popular shopping centers of Turkey opened it gates in November, 2007, and has reached aimed customer profile with its genuine peculiarity as of the moment it opened its gates, has been visited by about 63 thousand people daily.

Capacity, which is located at the heart of one of the biggest and busiest districts of Turkey, Bakırköy, come into life through the partnership of Uzman İnşaat, Keleşoğlu İnşaat, Kameroğlu İnşaat, Beyaz İnşaat and Zirve İnşaat. Capacity, which consists of 180 shops, car park with 2400 car capacity and a closed space having 133 thousand square meter area, opened its gates in the end of 2007.

Capacity Shopping Center turned each taste stop to special restaurants with unique design and presentation for its quests that would have their meal in chaster ambience by completely going far from standard food court reasoning. Especially common place practice has not been realized for food court attracting attention with special design and different and impressive decoration.

Capacity, with different stance and stylish restaurants, does not cause to look for Nişantaşı and moved the world kitchen with fast food and various meals to Bakırköy. Capacity introduced to Bakırköy such recently trendy places as The House Café, Venge, Davidoff Jazz Bistro Café and became the meeting point of Istanbul with Kitchenette, Chocolate, Mid Point with their long lasting nights till 02:00, by making all to experience first time.

Capacity also renders satisfying service for those who expect to experience maximum quality in cinema. Cine Bonus, being managed by Mars Sinemaları which acts with business aims as to take place at the best spots and to render a service in world standards in technology and comfort, offers the screen movies in maximum comfort with 9 movie halls and 1500 seat capacity.

Capacity Bakırköy
Zeytinlik Mah. Fişekhane Cad. No:7 Bakırköy Bakırköy
Phone: +90 212 661 67 05
Fax: +90 212 661 67 63

email: [email protected]

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