Celebrity World Stars Heading to Istanbul

Istanbul attracts some of the world’s top stars. Istanbul has just been designated one of the worlds most expensive and luxurious city and following closely on New York’s heels.

Istanbul is quite simply one of the most exciting places on the planet. So it’s no surprise the top celebs are visiting the city on the Seven Hills.

Roberto Carlos arrived in Istanbul today by private jet. The Former Brazil international Roberto Carlos will be playing in Turkey at Fenerbahce. A World Cup winner in 2002, Roberto Carlos joined Real from Inter Milan in 1996 during Fabio Capello’s first spell as coach at the club.

Meanwhile Fenerbahce has also invited R&B Diva Beyonce Giselle Knowles (Beyonce) and Shakira for their 100th year anniversary celebrations.

On August 1st Fenerbahce Saracoglu Stadium will be shaking with the performances of these two beautiful grammy winning singers.

50.000 Fenerbahce supports will enjoy a great concert by celebrating their teams 100th anniversary!.

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