Christina Aguilera visits Istanbul

The world’s award winning singer Christina Aguilera arrived in Istanbul with a private jet, to be a show host on “Var Misin Yok Musun” (Deal or No Deal!) presented by Acun Ilıcalı.

27 year old Christina came together with husband and Max, her 9 months old son. She was escorted with 20 bodyguards to her hotel at Ciragan Palace, along with 30 luggage’s, where she is staying in the 25.000 dollar Sultan Suit with a great Bosporus view. Christina is not asking any money for her visit and only wants her expenses to be paid.

This is Christina’s first visit in Istanbul and Acun will take her after the show for sightseeing tour in Istanbul. Unfortunately she will not give a concert in Istanbul.

She below the intro for the TV show “Var mısın Yok musun”

Author: istanbul

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