Contemporary Istanbul Art fair an inspiration for centuries

10,000 years ago when Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror conquered the Byzantine city and ordered that the culture not be destroyed. Instead, the Ottomans added to it, in part by inviting the greatest artists from all over the empire to the palace.”

Now, centuries later, the city that was once Constantinople is once again inviting artists from around the world. Contemporary Istanbul ’08 has established itself as one of the most dynamic and promising art events in the region.

Designers and artists have traveled the world for centuries looking for those brilliant moments of inspiration. Changing your surroundings is the easiest way to find new perspective on old ideas and common emotions.

A reception promoting the fair was held at Sofa Hotel by the Brazilian Embassy in Turkey and Contemporary Istanbul. Brazil’s ambassador to Turkey, Cesario Melantonio Neto, expressed the importance of Istanbul in the field of art.

The Third Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair is scheduled to run between 16-19 October, with a preview on October 15. This year’s edition of Contemporary Istanbul ‘08, will host galleries, art institutions and initiatives from across the globe, as well as a wide range of events, including roundtable discussions, concerts, and performance art.

Istanbul, a hub of cultural activity and a longstanding site of the fusion between Eastern and Western cultures, is both the backdrop and inspiration for Contemporary Istanbul.

Contemporary Istanbul continues to offer a rewarding experience for artists, critics, galleries, collectors, curators and art buyers alike.

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