Diamond of Istanbul

Diamond of Istanbul is the tallest building of Istanbul and Turkey currently being built in the city’s Maslak business district. It is also the country’s first steel skyscraper. When completed in 2010, it will rise 53 floors and reach the above-ground height of circa 270 meters.

The design of Diamond of Istanbul, by Dome Architecture of Istanbul, consists of three main parts. Tower, shopping Mall and carpark. A five star deluxe hotel, A-class offices and residences are located in the tower section, which is rising on a horizontal shopping mall. The green inner gardens that will work like special places are designed to unite people and through that way to bring a solution to the main problem of the metropolitan people can feel the nature as well. The building will generate its own energy by using cogeneration technology. With its biometric design and double facade system Diamond of Istanbul will provide natural ventilation light.

The panoramic restaurant on the top-most floor will offer a breathtaking view of Bosporus from the beginning till the end.

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