Diesel Sex Sells in Istanbul

Diesel launched their new advertising campaign in Istanbul, for Spring/Summer 2010.

Diesel’s new campaign for Spring/Summer 2010 campaign “SEX SELLS: but unfortunately we sell Jeans” was introduced at a private party held at the Foliberjer strip club in Taxim with many famous people invited to the party.

The Turkish celebrity socialite invited to the party did not expect the party to be this sexy at all and watched with great interest.

Many famous Istanbul people were at the party, such as Ivana Sert, Nurettin Hasman, Naz Elmas, Teoman, Derin Sarıyer, Ayfer Toprak-Cengiz and many other famous people at the party with a striptease shows, shows, GoGo Boys and DJ U.F.U.K’s performance drew great attention.

Diesel just released their new campaign for Spring/Summer 2010 campaign and its really sexy.
The campaign features some of the industries sexiest models. British model Sam Way is joined by Tobias Sorensen and Dan Cameron and a cast of other sexy models. The shoot was photographed by Miko Lim and has the byline “SEX SELLS: but unfortunately we sell Jeans”.

Also in other parts of the world Diesel organized special themed party’s. In Holland, Luxembourg and Belgium Diesel created an Amsterdam red light district in store windows. The windows feature barely-clad birds dancing provocatively under the tagline “Sex Sells.* (*Unfortunately we sell jeans.)”

Some girls had phone numbers you could call, where you’d hear a Diesel-promoting message, and the store was outfitted with handy stats involving sex and jeans.

I expect this denim collection to sell like hot cakes. I wonder if this form of sexualized advertising is a trend brought on by the recession or just a really clever idea by Diesels creative team.

Diesel Sex Sells in Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium.

Balletto Fuoriscala – Sex Sells Diesel

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