Dinosaur themed park “Jurassic Land” in Istanbul

Europe’s biggest Dinosaur themed park “Jurassic Land” is in Forum Istanbul!

Jurassic Land invites everyone, old and young, to discover the world of dinosaurs. The most magnificent creatures of the planet which have become extinct 65 million years ago are reanimated in Jurassic Land located in Bayrampaşa, Forum İstanbul Life and Shopping Centre.

Designed on the basis of “edutainment” concept which combines education and entertainment, Jurassic Land was built on a huge area of 10,000 square meters.

Containing one-to-one moving models of 70 dinosaurs, Jurassic Land is attractive for both children and adults with its unique and interesting museum, the largest 6D cinema in Turkey, a laboratory where people both learn and have fun, a show garden and a shop that sells special products.

Story goes that the dinosaur bones discovered during the construction of Forum İstanbul attract the attention of experts and then the research begins.

In Jurassic Land, the journey of adventure and learning starts at the museum. The museum, where dinosaur bones and eggs from millions of years ago are exhibited, also shares many interesting pieces of information with the visitors.

After the museum, it is time to discover Jurassic Land. One of the surprises for children during the Jurassic Land adventure is the Juracopter.

Juracopter, which is the biggest 4D cinema in Turkey with six effects, is a special tool designed to discover the world of dinosaurs.

Science Centre is one the most interesting parts of the Jurassic Land journey. You are greeted by an unbelievable hatching unit the moment you step into the Science Centre accompanied with guides. Observation and questions are the key to learning. Children are able to closely attend the works of scientists here and ask questions to the personnel about facts they want to learn.

There is a magical world in this area where tens of moving dinosaurs are reanimated in their natural setting.

For those who want to buy souvenirs after a pleasant experience, there are interesting dinosaur products and reference books in the Jurassic Land Shop.

For more info visit www.jurassicland.com.tr

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