Garden Tower

The tower is a new design and concept for Istanbul. It will become the most splendid residence project of Istanbul.

The oval-shaped building gets its name Garden Tower from the multi-level gardens that embellish the front façade facing Büyükdere Avenue.

The building is going to have 44 floors and also 8 underground floors. The tower is dived by hanging gardens in the midsections.

The tower is located in the most central location of Istanbul, Gayrettepe.

The most splendid residence project of Istanbul

Garden Tower, a magnificent building to meet the most modern and highest expectations of quickly changing life.

Garden Tower which is built in the most central location of Istanbul, having subway connection, contains cinemas, playing areas in 2 thematic shopping and service floors, and aims to treat the most elite gourmets of Turkey and the world with food shops consisting of the most important brands of Turkey and worldwide.

Garden Tower possesses breathtaking features with many characteristics different from similar ones, multi-purpose game hall of 1000 persons, office areas and architectural beauty.

Its first 5 floors is an apart hotel, which includes 60 square meters apartments with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen; floors up to 12 studio type apartments. 13th floor is the fitness floor; as well cafe, pool, interior and exterior scene gardens are there. From 14th floor up to 37th floor there are apartment in the range of 65 to 256 square meters.

37th floor has a sky bar that is yet unprecedented in Turkey.

The architect is Hadi Teherani and his BRT Architekten- office. The construction started in 2007 and is going to be completed in 2010.

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