Istanbul ranks among top 10 world convention destinations

Istanbul, which ranked seventh in world congress tourism last year and sixth in Europe, has become an international convention destination, according to Murat Yalçıntaş, chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, or ICOC.

“By strengthening its position among the top 10 cities in world convention tourism, Istanbul should target to enter the top five in the next five years,” said Yalçıntaş, who has also been the chairman of the Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau, or ICVB, since March 2006.

Istanbul, which was home to a total of 109 international congresses last year, moved ahead of London, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Sidney, according to a recent report published by the International Congress and Convention Association, or ICCA, Yalçıntaş said.

Recalling that Istanbul was only able to enter the list in the 40th spot holding nearly 20 congresses in 2000, Yalçıntaş said, “Raising the number of congresses rapidly over the last 10 years, the city entered the top 10 across the world, which shows an important success.”

The number of congresses held in Istanbul, which was 57 in 2005, ranking 24th in world congress tourism, increased to 80 in 2009 and totaled 109 last year. According to the ICCA report, Vienna ranked first with a total of 154 congresses, followed by Barcelona and Paris, with 148 and 147 respectively.

Istanbul passed a successful year in tourism with the 2010 European Capital of Culture experience, Yalçıntaş said, “Thanks to this success, many big organizations including AIDS and cardiology congresses held with the participation of nearly 25,000 delegates, plan to come to Istanbul.”

Source: Hürriyet Daily News

Author: istanbul

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