Intoxicated by Istanbul

This month, CNNGo explores Istanbul the metropolis that bridges two continents.

By bridge and by boat, they spent the better part of five days criss-crossing Istanbul — from Europe to Asia, and back again.

CNN has filmed more then eight hours of material in at least a dozen different locations around Istanbul.

Selim Siyami Sümer, lead singer of the band Multitap, shows the Asmalı Mescit district or ‘Tünel’ area. In Tunel they visit Babylon, the premier live music venue in Turkey. Especially noteworthy is the historic and recently rennovated Pera Palace Hotel, where following the crowd on any given night is a favorite activity.

Actors/comedians Koray Tarhan and Zeynep Özyurt Tarhan, from Istanbul Improv, guide you through the Üsküdar Bazaar, a ferry ride to the Asian side of Istanbul.

For those in Istanbul looking for some Turkish comedy, there’s Koray and Zeynep’s improv act in a hidden theater high above Beyoglu. 

The talented young chef Volkan Çengel shows you around in Ortaköy, a quaint neighborhood with cafes and shops on the European side of the Bosphorus Bridge.

Istanbul is a heady mix of the hip, traditional and unexpected.

See part one of the show below, to discover how Asia and Europe converge in unexpected ways in Turkey’s metropolis.

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