IPA Istanbul Festival

This year the Berlin-based International Performance Association (IPA) performance arts festival will reach new heights as it becomes an international performance festival.

The first IPA festival held abroad will be held in Istanbul between July 30 and August 12. This year the IPA festival will be organized by Istanbul-based arts and culture team KOZA Visual Culture and Arts Association and will be supported by Maumau Art Residency with contributions of venue partners Salt Galata, Pasajist, Gallery NON and DEPO.

The IPA Istanbul Festival, as a new highlight of Turkey’s art scene, aims to be a platform for encouraging the practice of performance art by uniting performance art lovers as well as emerging artists from all over the world to exchange their ideas and experiences.

During the festival, a series of performance art events such as indoor and public space performances and a summer camp where performance artists meet with leading performance artists for training through workshops and discussions.

The festival team is expected to include many artists, including Klara Schilliger, Lara Schilliger, Valerian Maly, Dominik Lipp, Daniel Haller and Laura Laeser.

The festival aims to open a new dimension in terms of the performance arts scene in Turkey and in the international arena.

The workshop part of the festival will be held between July 30 and August 4. After the workshop part of the festival the festival will start with numerous performance artists from all over the world. A conference, “Teaching Performance Art,” will be held on August 9.

The participants will both share their experiences and knowledge about performance art.

For further information please visit the web site www.i-pa.org

Author: istanbul

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