Isik University Attracts Foreign Students to Summer School Programs in Istanbul

International students from all over the world will explore the city of Istanbul and Turkey through Isik University’s two Summer School Programs: ‘Istanbul: Crossroad of Civilizations’ and ‘Turkish Language and Culture.’

The International Office at Isik University is offering two separate 4-week summer study abroad programs for international students, between 1-26 July, 2013, at its Şile Campus, located on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul.

Istanbul: Crossroad of Civilizations Program, which started in 2011, is a 4-week course taught by the faculty of Isik University. Instruction consists of classroom discussions of Byzantine, Ottoman and early Republican Turkey, economics, politics and culture of modern Turkey, the role of Turkey in world politics, and elementary Turkish. Other than elementary Turkish, the classroom discussions for this program will be held in English.

The new 4-week Summer School Program, Turkish Language and Culture, offers 64 hours of intensive Turkish courses that enable students to gain the knowledge of vocabulary for basic communication needs, and to develop listening and reading comprehension, through exploration of Turkish culture, tradition and customs. Students can choose from three ability levels: beginners 1, beginners 2 and intermediate.

“Isik University’s Istanbul: Crossroad of Civilizations Program was unusual in that it took the student beyond the traditional tourist sites” says Laura Greyson, professor of political science at Alfred University and tour leader of Alfred University Students in the 2012 Summer School Program.

Professor Mehmet E. Karaaslan, who along with Professor Rabia K. Polat is the co-organizer of the Crossroad of Civilizatons class commented, “International summer school classes benefit not only the international students but also the Turkish students at our own institution with the friendly class atmosphere, intermingling of cultures, bonding and understanding they have generated during the last two years. We want to see more of that happening.”

These summer study abroad programs provide 9 ECTS for students coming from the EU zone, and 6 transferable credits for students coming from USA , Canada and elsewhere. Classes can also be taken on a pass/fail or not for credit bases. The cultural weekend trips and activities are shared in all the classes and programs. In both of the Summer School Programs, one day a week will be reserved for guided educational and cultural site visits to destinations such as the Old City (including the Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, and Grand Bazaar), the Princes Islands, and the Bosphorus.

Total tuition and fees for each of the 4-week programs (including room and board, full meal plan, transportation to and from the airport, and educational tours) is $2,650 US Dollars. A $250 refundable deposit is required before May 31, 2013 to secure an application. There are several organizations providing scholarships to foreign students who plan to study in Turkey. “This assistance is very significant for our students,” says Laura Greyson about the Scholarship sustained by Turkish Coalition of America (TCA).

Isik University is very happy to welcome International Students to join its faculty and students to study Turkish language, history, culture, economics and politics for a four-week period between July 1-26 this summer in the beautiful and fascinating city of Istanbul.

As ancient Constantinople, Istanbul was once the capital of the Roman Empire and the most powerful city in Europe. For many, it was the center of the known universe. Situated half in Europe and half in Asia, modern Istanbul is in many respects the center of today’s world. At the nexus between East and West, contemporary Turkey plays a vital role in world politics that will only grow stronger in the years to come. With its strong economy and democratic political culture, Turkey is a secular, stable democracy; an important bridge to the Middle East for the democratic countries of the West.


Founded in 1996, Isik University is composed of five faculties and two institutions, which encompass approximately 3,300 students. Its main campus is situated in the small town of Şile, a beautiful location right on the Black Sea coast, about one hour’s drive from downtown. Somewhat removed from the more fast-paced central Istanbul, many students stay at the dorms and enjoy an enriching campus life. They are able to visit downtown via frequent shuttle services throughout the day and experience everything that the city has to offer as they please. The language of instruction at Isik University is English, which makes it very comfortable for Erasmus exchange students and other international students who visit the university every year from Europe, USA, Africa, Central Asia and Latin America.

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