Istanbul 2020 pledges “The Best Olympic Stories” to world’s media

A delegation of Istanbul 2020 Olympic media experts today demonstrated the Bid  Committee’s  plans  for  welcoming  the  world’s  media  to  Turkey  with a presentation to leading international sports journalists at the 76th Association Internationale de la Press Sportive [AIPS] Congress in the host city of the next Winter Games, Sochi, Russia.

On stage for Istanbul 2020 were Ali  Kiremitçioğlu,  CEO  of  the  Istanbul  2020  Bid  Committee;; Esat  Yılmaer,  the  National  Olympic  Committee  of  Turkey’s  Media  Director  and first Vice President of AIPS; and  Murat  Ağca,  a senior sports journalist and a member of the Istanbul 2020 Media Team. In front of over 450 AIPS Congress delegates, they described a media operations concept based around one of the most compact media footprints in Olympic history. The IBC/MPC and the 16,500-bed Media Village will be co-located in the Olympic Park, 15 minutes from the airport and with average travel times within the Olympic Park of just five minutes. A further 3,500 media hotel rooms will be distributed among the four venue zones to maximise convenience for the media.

Ali Kiremitçioğlu, speaking in French, introduced some of the key themes behind Istanbul 2020’s  Games  concept:

“The  best  Olympic  stories  are  set  against  a  memorable  backdrop.  Istanbul is a city that bridges together people, ideas, and, of course, continents. It has always been a powerful theatre: for politics; for geography; for philosophy; for culture. It has been a meeting point for millennia. This is where East meets West; where tradition meets innovation; where youth meets excellence; where capacity meets opportunity. The stories we share from the Istanbul 2020 Games will affect millions  of  people  in  many  ways.”

The Istanbul 2020 presentation highlighted a number of other media-friendly proposals designed   to   ensure   Turkey’s   first ever Games are the most widely covered in history. Istanbul 2020 will offer a free wi-fi based Games-time information service accessible by handheld device, and a second satellite media centre at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This state-of-the-art facility will offer panoramic views over the Bosphorus and will  serve  the  purpose  of  increasing  services  for  the  media  while  showcasing  Istanbul’s   beauty.

Esat Yılmaer  underlined  Istanbul  2020’s  promise  to  the  global  media  community:

“I have been part of the working press at seven Olympic Games and four Olympic Winter Games and I have seen first-hand what the media need to do their job in an effective, accurate and timely manner. Istanbul provides a setting like no other. For the 2020 Games, this will be complemented by an unparalleled working environment.
Murat  Ağca  added:

“Our  people,  a  new  culture,  are  poised  for  this  moment.  Turkey’s  Olympic  Law,  enacted  in   1992, reflects our relentless desire to embrace the power of sport. And our Master Plan for our own country reflects our capacity to deliver this great dream. The Istanbul 2020 Games will be a bridge to a new culture, and, thanks to the media, a bridge to an historic impact.”

A further four members of the Istanbul 2020 Media Team travelled to the next Olympic and Paralympic host city. The team is looking to gather insight and best practice from witnessing the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee at work, and to better understand the needs and priorities  of  the  world’s  Olympic  media.

Author: istanbul

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