Istanbul 2020 slogan: “Bridge Together”

Turkey’s Sports Minister, Suat Kılıç, publically revealed the bid’s slogan, “Bridge Together”, which had previously been exclusively revealed to members of the IOC Evaluation Commission on the opening day of their official visit to Istanbul.

Suat Kılıç revealed the slogan to the world’s media on Day 2 of Istanbul 2020’s Evaluation commission:
“Distinguished local and international press and media members. I would like to share our slogan for Istanbul 2020. “Istanbul 2020 – Bridge Together” – this is our motto. We promise to establish bridges and we are proud to say we are a bridge between East and West, Europe and Asia, between civilisations, faiths and religions.

“We are the strongest bridge between the past and the present. I wish that this motto will bring success to the Turkish people, and to the Olympic Games.

“Istanbul has become the capital of many cultures and civilisations. It is a world city. I would like to welcome you to this city, I am very proud to host you here”

Explaining the background to the slogan, Chairman of the Istanbul 2020 bid, Hasan Arat said:
“We are all inspired by this unique slogan: it represents how the IOC and Istanbul could together create a bridge to new experiences and opportunities for both Turkey and the Olympic Movement. Our ancient city has been a physical and philosophical meeting point for millennia: a place where East meets West; the ancient meets the contemporary; tradition meets innovation; capacity meets opportunity; and youthful dynamism meets proven excellence. Istanbul’s iconic Bosphorus Bridge has long been a symbol of the city’s power as a connector, so it was natural that the metaphor should be at the heart of our unique offering.”

The slogan, “Bridge Together”, encapsulates the bid’s three pledges that Istanbul 2020 would guarantee to the Olympic Movement and Turkey:

Bridge to Excellence
Bridge to a New Culture
Bridge to an Historic Impact

Bridge to Excellence
Istanbul has matched a 20-year desire to host an Olympic and Paralympic Games with commitment and capacity, as well as extensive experience in hosting world-class events. With plans that align perfectly with Turkey’s 2023 Master Plan and the 100% backing of the Prime Minister, all levels of government and Turkey’s powerful private sector, Istanbul is now ready to deliver a Games founded on technical excellence.

Bridge to a New Culture
Istanbul would provide an iconic setting and a unique experience for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which would captivate the world through a series of historic firsts: the first ever Games in Turkey and the surrounding region; the first ever Games held simultaneously on two continents (Europe and Asia); and the first ever Games in a country where close to 50% of the population is under the age of 25. The Olympic family will experience a totally new culture whist at the same time enjoying Turkey’s legendary hospitality and passion for sport.

Bridge to an Historic Impact
Istanbul 2020 would have profound and immediate impacts on Turkey, the region and the entire Olympic Movement, sparking a culture of mass sport participation, innovation and entrepreneurship inspired by the series of cinematic moments that the Games would provide. Istanbul 2020 would be a bridge to new audiences in fresh markets for the Olympic brand.

IOC member and President of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey, Ugur Erdener, added:
“The Games would be a bridge that connects Istanbul’s wonderfully diverse assets with the rest of the world. Most importantly, it will embody the values of the Olympic Movement by bridging continents, nationalities, religions, cultures and generations. Our new slogan seeks to encapsulate the shared role of the Games and our city as a unifying force.”

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