Istanbul Akvaryum World’s Biggest Thematic Aquarium

Istanbul Akvaryum is world’s biggest thematic aquarium and has just been opened in Istanbul.

The thematic aquarium was inaugurated by both Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Mayor Kadir Topbaş in Istanbul.

Mr. Erdoğan said: “If the city of Istanbul works, produces and develops, it means that things are going well in Istanbul.”

Prime Minister Erdogan and Mrs. Emine Erogan toured the gigantic aquarium together. In his inaugural speech Erdogan said that he gives a great importance to Istanbul.

The aquarium is the biggest thematic aquarium of world with 15 thousand sea and land living beings and also is first in its fields with its technology and other features.

There are tour areas and rain forest that represent 16 regions from Black Sea to Pacific. Besides Turkish regions such as Black Sea, Istanbul Bosporus, Marmara, The Dardanelles, Mediterranean, there are also regions that represents world sea heritage.”

The visitors of the biggest thematic aquarium can follow the geographical route and travel from the Blacksea to the Pacific on a path consisting of 16 themes.

The tropical forests are exciting which have been prepared like real.

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