Istanbul Ataturk Airport receives “obstacle-free airport” certificate

Istanbul Ataturk Airport operated by TAV Airports has now been improved to facilitate disabled passengers to benefit all services comfortably. The new structure is a result of the extensive works that had been carried out since 2009. TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Unlu received the certificate from Civil Aviation General Manager Bilal Eksi.

Operated by TAV Airports, a global brand in the aviation operation sector, Istanbul Ataturk Airport received its “obstacle-free airport” certificate. Civil Aviation General Manager Bilal Eksi presented the certificate to TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Unlu during a ceremony held in Ankara.

TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Unlu said “As a result of the extensive work that has been carried out, Ataturk Airport, the entrance gate to Turkey, has now been improved to accommodate our disabled guests to receive the same services available to other visitors at all points. As TAV Airports, we consider passenger satisfaction as our top priority and work 24/7 in order to meet different needs of all our passengers at maximum level. We are very happy that the standard of service we provide to our disabled passengers is now accredited through a certificate issued by Civil Aviation General Directorate.”

The project has involved the following work which has been carried out at Istanbul Ataturk Airport:

Approximately 2 thousand running meters of Braille surfaces have been fitted within the Domestic and International terminals as well as in the car parks.

Audio alert systems have been fitted in 38 lifts announcing floor information in Turkish and English.
Heights of 19 pay phones have been re-adjusted to accommodate passengers in wheel-chairs.
Five assistance points have been set up.
A total of 800 hours of training have been given to 200 employees in order to increase efficiency of the service provided to disabled passengers. 250 employees are planned to receive basic sign language training.

The project had been developed by TAV Istanbul in consideration of national and international legislations and standards. Corporations meeting the criteria specified under the “obstacle-free organization” project carried out by Civil Aviation General Directorate are entitled to receive the certificate.

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