Istanbul booming as the world’s most dynamic city

Istanbul is booming as the world’s most dynamic city transforms its skyline and artists and students help make it buzz.

Spanning both Asia and Europe and divided by the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a beguiling mix of ancient and modern. The hulking Byzantine Hagia Sophia and opulent Topkapi Palace dominate the old city Sultanahmet, but over in Karaköy, in a converted warehouse, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art embraces the future.

Since then the city has elbowed its way into the global economy. The Backstreet clip joints in the European neighbourhood of Beyoglu have turned into boutique hotels, fusion eateries and world music clubs.

while some Istanbulites might see themselves caught up in a clash of civilisations, between the pious and religious and a Western-oriented elite, for others it is precisely this tension that makes the city come alive.

Don’t miss the video below shot over a couple of days on the streets of Istanbul. The artist Sertac Yuksel took his camera, strolled through the streets alone and had a great time with the help of summer and a real life outside.

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