Istanbul hip hop festival

The first Istanbul hip hop festival will be held this year in Istanbul with the 2010 Hip Hop Festival for Turkey’s Hip Hop culture as a social responsibility project. Hip Hop is the word on Sunday April 25 on Maslak at REFRESH The VENUE and will be spread across entire Turkey.

Turkey’s best poppers, lockers, B-boys and B-girls will descend on in Istanbul for an massive celebration of Hip-hop and street dance.

Istanbul Hip Hop Festival 2010, will breath the culture of Hip Hop Rap, Graffiti and Breakdance and will feature live performances to the audience. Graffiti and rap workshops will be held at the festival to provide real participation.

On April 25, 2010 Refresh The Venue Maslak Hop’ın leading names in Hip Fuad Gekko G and a great live performance by Hip Hop fans come together.

Istanbul hip hop festival 2010 Line-up
Names, Fresh-B, Sansar Salvo, Dapoet, Boss, gorse, Pit10, Şanışer, APO, Knock Out, Westar, a touchstone, Beta, Shahanshah, Verna Orçun

Graffiti activity
Turkey’s most prominent Graffiti artists MateMan will feature their work during the show.

Breakdance event
Hip-hop and street dancers will dance during the festival such as (Team 34, Joker, Istanbul Style Breakers)

The revenue made with the event will be donated to the establishment of a Youth Centre in Taksim. The youth center will be open to young people of all ages, economic, socio-cultural differences, without considering to take advantage of opportunities within the Youth Centre and plans to ensure their participation in any event. The center will have a sound studio, graffiti studio, activity rooms, airbrush, and street art workshops build them according to its purpose for people who are in love with the hip-hop culture.

tickets are 23,00 TL each and available here

More information at their website

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