Istanbul Modern to hold Children Festival

Istanbul Modern is to host the 8th Children’s Festival, beginning on April 22. The museum will be celebrating with the program “Lanterns for the Future” on April 23.

Through this program, children convey their visions of, and expectations for, the future through art. In an exhibition tour guided by Istanbul Modern instructors, children will first be introduced to the different art forms, after which, based on the relationship between art and the concept of time, they will get the chance to design lanterns which they can then take home as a souvenir of the day.

The program was designed for children between the ages of four and 12, and will last for one week. The program allows children to discover paintings, collages and design in the same space; the event will be educational and entertaining and aims to educate children in terms of arts.

The event also includes a museum visit. Children will be able to visit the museum with Istanbul Modern instructors and will be able to encounter different art forms and art works. In the interactive, hand-on part of the event, children will be able to create art works of their own with the materials that they receive from the instructors. They will be able to express themselves through the creation of art works with colorful materials.

Author: istanbul

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