Is Istanbul ready for Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton in Istanbul? Yes, it’s true, the diva is visiting the metropolis and she will be rocking the city in style. There are a few things on Paris Hilton’s wish list before she comes to town.

The celebrity heiress, author, singer, perfume designer and reality TV star will spend 3 days in Istanbul.

On March 26th Paris will attend to a beauty contest as a jury member. 
The competition is organized by Channel 1 who recently invited famous playmate Victoria Silvstedt to Istanbul.

Istanbul luxury shopping mall paradise will warm welcome Paris Hilton, one of the most feared and respected shoppers.

Paris is not always shopping for herself. Hilton spends twenty-five to thirty hours a week, on average, buying clothes, shoes, jewelry, clutches, and accessories, picking out items for other people.

Paris Hilton’s Wish list:

  • Star Class plane ticket, with a seat on the window side. 

  • 2 suits at Les Ottomans Hotel
  • 1 BMW 7 series, 1 Mercedes S class, 1 Lincoln, 1 cadillac jeep.
  • All drivers should speak English and there should be an IPOD connection in every car.
  • Private security whereby 1 should be a female. All guarded by guns.

  • VIP party 

  • For dinner: beef flemignon ( well-done) , shrimps, lobster , crab
  • There should allways be sushi on the table in case she feels like it.
  • All Veggies should be steamed and organic.
  • Breakfast: peanut-butter, sliced turkey, honey with jam-bon..Eggs , ancuez , mayonnaise , soya milk. 

  • She will have an interview with top 5 journalists and the interviews should not exceed 50 min.
  • Will attend only 2 TV programs.

She is will spend 3 days only and asks 200 thousand dollars for her stay.

Author: istanbul

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