Istanbul SALT opening three new exhibitions

SALT is opening three exhibitions on Sept 21. While Hassan Khan takes on music and video, ‘Performance of Modernity: AKM, 1946-1977’ exhibition will focus on urban transformation issues.

The two branches of one of Istanbul’s most prominent galleries will kick off their new season tomorrow with exhibitions that run the spectrum from experimental music to interrogations of urban transformation.

SALT Galata and Beyoğlu will welcome Hassan Khan, a famous Egyptian artist who is seen as a pioneering influence on many contemporary Turkish artists, particularly in the fields of experimental music and video. At the same time, an exhibition titled “The Performance of Modernity: Atatürk Kültür Merkezi, 1946-1977” will focus on issues related to urban transformation, while Istanbul Eindhoven will bring famous artists’ works to Istanbul.

The program of SALT’s new season is in keeping with the gallery’s previous investigations of urban transformation issues that have been included in a number of its exhibitions, talks on the city and its architecture. All of the exhibitions revolve around the issue of creating a “collective memory of the city.”

SALT will continue to pursue a whole range of subjects from issues of museum and archival practices in a common world to divergent artistic practice.

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