Istanbul shopping street world’s third best street to shop

Only two shopping streets in the world are more fancier than the Istanbul Bagdat Caddesi shopping street.

More than five hundred stores in sixteen luxury shopping streets in the world were ranked by Mystery Shoppers. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills was ranked best, Calle Serrano in Madrid was ranked second and Bagdat Caddesi Istanbul stands at number three.

Bagdat Caddesi runs 6 km from Bostancı to Kızıltoprak in an upper-scale residential area. The one-way avenue with old plane trees is flanked with shopping malls, department stores, fashion garment stores, elegant shops offering world famous brands. Bagdat Caddesi can also be considered as a large open-air shopping mall. Most of the retail stores are open on all days of the week, including Sunday afternoon.

If you are visiting Istanbul and looking for a place to either window shop or spend some money, than Bagdat Caddesi shopping street is the place for you to visit. You will find some of the most elite and luxurious shops in all of Istanbul on this street. The shopping street does offer some more affordable shops if you are still looking to shop in the area. Some of high end shops in this area include Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Vakko, Naked.

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