Istanbul summer nightclubs are gearing up for a sensational summer

The season has begun. From now until September, every weekend will be one long party, along the Bosporus at the ludicrously glamorous Istanbul summer nightclubs.

The glitzy, glamorous and down right gorgeous fans of Reina are in for a treat this summer, as the hip Istanbul summer club gears up to make 2009 their best year yet.

Every year the clubs sling open their doors to hordes of raving Istanbul lovers for the first night of the season. The most popular places for the rich and famous are opening their doors, with Istanbul’s most elite venues such as Reina are preparing for great opening parties. Running from the middle of May through until the start of July when the season is fully in swing and everywhere’s opened up.

The opening night is often seen as a chance for the clubs to show off what enhancements and treats they’ve come up with for visitors during the off season- new sound systems, decor and residents are showcased and no expense is spared on booking the best Dj’s.

Reina is always the place to be with their classic opening activities, music and all kinds of entertainment are being prepared to be to top spot again this summer.

Reina Restaurant, with its magnificent Bosporus view, is continuing to host its guests in this summer with delicious dishes and peerless atmosphere.

Stunning tastes mainly from Mediterranean cuisine prepared by the first class restaurants such as; Dragon, Candlestick Park, Blue Topaz, Kosebasi, Itsumi and Bice.

Set for a soft opening in May 2009, Reina’s guests will get the chance to grab some sun-drenched days on the Bosporus and long leisurely lunches before the official Grand Opening Party on Thursday May 28th.

The summer nightclubs lining the Bosporus mostly located between Ortaköy and Kuruçeşme are among the most preferred places in Istanbul on summer nights. These sites host celebrities, socialites, VIPs and Jet Setters. Other popular Istanbul summer clubs are; Anjelique, Suada, Sortie

Are you ready to party?

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