Istanbul Taxi Rates on the Rise

Rates for the Istanbul’s taxis are rising.

Taxi rates in Istanbul were raised by eight percent, daily Hürriyet reported. The new rates will go into effect February 23. According to the new tariff, taxi meters will see a starting flat rate of 2.95 Turkish Liras, up from 2.70 liras. Also, the rate per kilometer will increase from 1.73 liras to 1.83 liras.

The new tariff has also introduced other changes to taxi fares. According to Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers Chair Yahya Uğur, the charge for any waiting period will start the first moment the taxi waits, unlike the older practice in which the fare for the first minute of the waiting period was 30 kurus. Also, a taxi traveling with a speed between 0-10 kilometers will charge passengers a waiting fare.

Uğur said the decision to raise taxi fares was made during a meeting of the Transportation and Coordination Center (UKOME) held on Jan. 31.

According to Uğur, the last raise in taxi fares was made in November, 2011. “Over the last 14 months, fuel prices increased by 13 to 14 percent. Within the same period, the price of vehicles increased by 20 percent, while the costs of replacement parts increased by 23 percent and tires increased by 20 percent,” he said.

Author: istanbul

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