Istanbul, the most female-friendly city in Turkey

Istanbul is the most female-friendly city in Turkey, according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, topping the league for education, professions, marriage and entertainment.

Daily Hürriyet has revealed the best Turkish cities for women to live in, according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, Istanbul, city with a population of 7 million women, comes out on top.

Data collected by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) for 2011 provides an overview of the situation of women in terms of education, professions, marriage, suicide and many other factors. Daily Hürriyet analyzed this information and came up with a list of the most women-friendly cities in Turkey.

According to the data, the best Turkish city for women to live in is Istanbul. With a female population of 7 million, Istanbul tops the list thanks to its high participation of women in politics. However, with only 160 female members out of a total of 13,154 municipality members, it still comes second worst in this area to Diyarbakır.

Istanbul has a lower rate of early marriage, and the rate of women aged over 14 who have graduated from high school is relatively high. For example, out of 5.2 million women, a total of 1.1 million, or 21 percent, have graduated from high school, university or both. On the other hand, Istanbul scores negatively for its high rates of suicide. Out of a sample of 100,000 women, 1.4 will attempt to commit suicide in Istanbul.

The Black Sea province of Rize, the hometown of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, also ranks among the top ten in the list.

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