Istanbul’s first theme park Vialand to open this spring

Turkey’s first modern theme park Vialand will opens its doors this spring in Istanbul. Visitors will able to experience on 600.000 m2 more than 50 attractions including a 110 km/h fast-launched rollercoaster, a water coaster combining a rollercoaster experience with a water ride, and a family coaster. Other attractions include a rapid river ride, drop tower, dark ride, and many more. The park is highly themed reflecting the daily life in old Istanbul and also features a large shopping centre right next to the park.

Aiming to turn Istanbul into an entertainment center for the Middle East and Balkans, Vialand will open its doors on April 23, 2013. Taking world-standard entertainment units to Istanbul, Vialand obtains all units from the world’s best companies in this sector and undertakes safety precautions and training according to international standards. Beyond all these standards, Vialand has been designed as a vivid entertainment experience by mixing the experience and research from the world’s most important theme parks with Turkey’s sense of entertainment.

The Park has been designed as separate areas in order to appeal to guests of all ages and choices and to allow guests easy access to any form of fun they desire within the park. The doors to the Vialand dream world will open with the Castle rising gloriously in the 2000 m2 area in the park’s entrance.

Turkey’s First Roller Coaster on the Way
Designed with the latest technology and with speeds of over 110km/sec, Europe’s favorite Roller Coaster will take its place as only one of the many entertainment units in Vialand. Istanbul residents will now get to have the excitement-filled Roller Coaster experience firsthand in their own city. Vialand will feature main units such as the Rapid Ride, where the fast-water rafting experience can be had by the entire family; Splash Coaster, combining natural waterfalls with Roller Coaster fun; and Family Coaster, a unit which anyone who enjoys or might enjoy the Roller Coaster can ride. The guests of the Park will find themselves engrossed in a world where they can find King Kong Village where they can meet the legendary character, lively streets and squares where the old, mystical way of living in Istanbul is reflected, its different cuisine and culture is presented with staff happy to be meeting guests’ needs, and full of many other surprises, wonders and smiles.

The Fatih Dark Ride entertainment unit will allow guests to take an exciting and educational trip through the Ottoman Empire period and witness Fatih the Conqueror take over Istanbul.

Including educational and informative activities particularly for kids of elementary or secondary school age along with all the fun, Vialand will also be undertaking many social responsibility projects.

With its special day events, seasonal celebrations, magnificent light shows and special projection displays, Vialand is sure to shortly become the most vibrant and popular meeting spot in Istanbul.

The project, the construction for which began in September 2011 and which is planned to finish on April 23, 2013, will employ 1000 people in the construction stage and 4000 people upon completion. The 600,000 m2 project area located within the Eyup and Gaziosmanpasa Municipality borders has the TEM Highway to the North and the E5 Highway to the South.

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