Istanbul’s Taksim Square to be converted into a shopping mall

The historic “Topçu Kışlası” (Artillery Barracks) in Istanbul’s Taksim Square are to be converted into a shopping mall and might serve as a residence with social facilities, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a speech today, as he unveiled details of some other major urban projects to be rolled out in Istanbul in a near future.

The rebuilding of the Topçu Kışlası was approved by the High Council for Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets on March 1.

The Taksim Square sits at the heart of Istanbul’s Beyoğlu, the main entertainment and arts center, where ambitious large-scale renovation works are currently taking place.

Additonally, the foundations of a third bridge over Istanbul’s Bosphorus will be laid within a few months, Erdoğan said in Ankara while addressing provincial heads of his party.

Author: istanbul

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