James Cameron complimenting Kivanc Tatlitug

A big meeting with James Cameron and Kivanc Tatlitug took place in Los Angeles during the premier of his new movie Sanctum last Friday.

Cameron was impressed by Kivanc Tatlitug’s acting skills, his good looks and talent in diving.

Cameron said he was aware of his fame in Turkey and in Middle East and had watched a video compiled from the scenes from his popular tv series “Ask-i Memnu”, “Gumus”” and “Ezel.”

He said it impressed him a lot how Tatlitug became the pyschopat in Ezel after being the good looking rich guy in Ask-i Memnu. Cameron said his ability to fit himself in to totally different characters was an impressive demonstration of his versitility.

Cameron also watched the commercial of THY with Tatlitug and asked where that place was. He got his reply from the director of Sanctum, Alister Grierson. Alister said the place was Istanbul and it is a gorgeous place he visited with his family. They also told Cameron that Nicolas Cage was currently in Capadocia, Turkey for his new movie Ghost Rider 2.

James Cameron said Turkey was a location to be considered for 3D movies and asked Kivanc to leave his details for a future contact.

Author: istanbul

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