Joke Circus

Joke Circus is a mix of food, music, circus acts, art, their staff and you.

Situated at the heart of Istanbul, this new supper club venue promises to be the start and end of many a great night out. The new stylish venue from İzzet Çapa aims to provide a full evening of top-class entertainment, from wining to dining to dancing, all as part of an over-the-top circus experience.

Joke Circus opened with a big show on April 20, inviting Britain’s most talented show-girl Roxy Velvet and many acrobats and showgirls.

Joke Circus Istanbul, has been described as an outstanding burlesque show incorporates slick acts that feature top local and international performers in a mesmerizing circus experience.

At Joke Circus, Europe’s most exciting, most innovative new entertainment bar and restaurant, you will experience interactive shows, bartender acrobats, show girls. The shows are taking place on top of a serving at the Circus, the show will take place on board the giant cabaret a new step in the journey of Çapamarka creativity.

Tom Ford the monkey welcomes you with a bow tie and cigar at joke Circus. Entered into the Guinness book of records, many yards as a high jump and somersault bartender mixing a cocktail. World famous Cirque du Soleil shows of trapeze artist will accompany your meal. All that will live in unusual places. Were imported from abroad in addition to special, stuffed animals, and the latest fashion accessories with.

Tuesday is going through an evolution from the traditional parties. The most interesting capability of the world celebrities, and guests on Tuesday night to host Joke Circus, will present an incredible show. One meter in length or 70-year-old mini-Britney Spears Circus Dj at Joke.

The Menu is a separate realm. Let’s say you want an ocean salad. The miraculous sound of the ocean will play in iPod while dining, you will be accompanied by the rustle of the waves. Did you close your eyes and are on a desert island in the middle of the ocean.

Shaker bartending skills Cabaret duo combined with acrobatics, amazing cocktails Joke Circus skills that will prepare and present to guests

When it comes to cocktails. Wine cocktails, one of the new features of the venue. Trend reports at the beginning of the spirit of wine, cocktails taste is priceless waiting Cocktail Wine Snob.

An evening at Joke Circus has been successful when all your five senses have been tickled. Don’t come to Joke Circus if you’re in search of a traditional restaurant, have lazy taste buds or are scared of new experiences. However, if you’re looking for an unusual dinner experience in an unexpected place and are not afraid to discover the creative corners of your personality, then knock on Joke Circus’s door.

Istanbul is crammed with creative juices. There is something about the place that attracts people with talent

Joke Circus is located in former Safari and from the Çapamarka group which is the company behindIt’s A Joke, owner Izzet Çapa, whose name is well known amid Istanbul’s nightlife, also creator of popular places such as It’s A Joke, Cahide, Al Jamal, Longtable.

Joke Circus
Demokrasi Parkı
Maçka / Şişli
(former Safari)

Author: istanbul

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