Joke Queen

Joke Queen is a new venue from the famous Çapa Marka Group located in Etiler Mayadrom. Joke Queen / Hippi is a new and extremely ambitious open-space and brings together two different concepts.

Joke Queen’s concept has a royal atmosphere with black and gold interiour crystal chandeliers and here and there the royal crown on which ‘Those Were The Days’ are written with the giant mirror details. Joke Queen’s interior has a sophisticated style with eye-catching foil seats, Joke Queen, king and queen’s love of their lives has been modernized classic looks to the palaces.

The paper place mat on the table shows pictures of the various meals you can choose. Each of Salih Saka, Tarkan, Betul Mardin, Ece Sükan, Fatih Terim’s own design of such celebrity. Most creative dishes by far is designed by Mustafa Toner.

The garden area reflects the hippie generation of the sixties and is the most colorful part. Parti-colored seats, illuminated tables and accessories decorated with objects from the hippie era was.

A minibuses Vos-vos has been converted into a hippie bar which looks peaceful and very enjoyable. DJ booth with giant neon lights ‘Do not worry, be hippie!’ Text at the bottom of the wall where the retro-looking screen displays in the air returning to the 1970s makes it easier to enter.

The focus of Garden is the vintage Volks Wagen van, covered with graffiti, which has been converted into a bar.

On Sunday at 10.00 you can enjoy a hippie breakfast ‘in the garden.

The restaurant serves delicious sandwiches, ‘Queen’s’ salads, pizzas, burgers, ‘the royal pasta’, risottolar, main meals, diet variety and ’round-table desserts’ var. Special mixes drink menu also available. Here special hippie Martini (vodka with watermelon, lime, basil, watermelon juice) and Smile:) Martini (chocolate vodka, chocolate sauce, Bailey’s, ocean salt, vanilla syrup), as well as drinks with vodka cocktails, sake menu, mojito’lar, champagne There are mixed. Beatles are not the only Mojito’yu: Gray Goose vodka, passion fruit, mint and vanilla combination.

Joke Queen / Hippie is the most unique and cool hippie Bar in Istanbul, Peace man!

Joke Queen / Hippi
Mayadrom Alışveriş Merkezi No: 41-42-43

Mayadrom Akatlar – Istanbul

Tel: (0212) 352 00 55

For more information visit

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