Juliette Lewis amazed with multicultural Istanbul

Juliette Lewis and her band recently were in Istanbul giving the people in Istanbul an amazing concert with a slamming version of their newest tune, “Terra Incognita” at the Rock N Coke Festival.

Istanbul is Juliette’s favorite vacation destination. She loves the Turkish people and the multicultural town Istanbul full of rich art and music. Also she is in love with the really great coffee and tea shops.

Juliette had no idea about the real political structure and how Turkish females are treated in Turkey. She was a little apprehensive before her trip to Istanbul with a wrong image impacted by the movie “Midnight Express” and the scenes of the Turkish prisons. Now Juliette loves Istanbul and finds the beautiful city to be in the realm of New York or Paris. Juliette likes to discover new places to learn a lot about the world.

Juliette Lewis has a reputation for being somewhat of a wild child. But the 36-year-old actress-singer says she is mellower than people would think. “I would rather be on the road with my band or traveling than out partying,” Lewis said. The actress,

She will co-stars with Drew Barrymore in the movie “Whip It!” and with Jennifer Aniston in next year’s “The Baster”.

Juliette Lewis new album, “Terra Incognita,” will be in stores Sept. 9. “‘Terra Incognita’ means unknown territory, and that was my whole mission with this record—to do something different,” Lewis said. “The songs stem from my travels around the world. The record is really diverse, haunting, beautiful and eclectic. Terra Incognita will be released via The End Records. Look for her on tour this summer/fall with The Pretenders and Cat Power.

Lewis and her band are currently on tour in Europe.

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