Justin Bieber Live in Istanbul

The Canadian worldstar Justin Bieber has hit Istanbul ahead of a concert in the capital on May 2. Hot on the heels of his Moscow concert, it’s now Turkey’s turn to get the Believe world tour treatment.

Istanbul can now start to “beliebe” it, as teen mega star Justin Bieber finally arrived in the town to give a highly anticipated concert May 2.

Dozens of fanatical devotees, known as “beliebers,” waited for hours at Sabiha Gökçen Airport just to catch a small glimpse of their favorite singer.

Unluckily for them, it was nearly impossible to catch sight of the teen cherub. In fact, even customs officers did not see the Canadian singer at first, Doğan news agency reported.

Bieber and a group of 13 dancers went running to a car immediately upon landing, neglecting to stamp their passports. Officers had to follow them to their car, telling them that their passports had not been checked, according to Doğan news agency. In the end, the teen star had to wait until the passports were returned by officials.

Justin Bieber caused somewhat mayhem at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport when he attempted to skip passport control as he entered the country, forcing security officials to refuse to allow him to leave the airport.

Officials ran out to stop Bieber’s entourage, who skipped passport checks and headed straight to their vehicles, and forced the star and his crew to remain in the airport until the situation was resolved.

The star’s guards and the airport security officers argued at length until the passport officials came out to Bieber’s car, to conduct the passport checks.

The concert is set for Istanbul Technical University’s sports arena. Tickets were sold out a month ago, and a huge crowd of “beliebers” is expected to attend the concert.

The “Believe Tour” is taking the 18-year-old singing sensation to other parts of the world besides North America. Europe and Africa are also on the schedule for concerts taking place from February 17 until May 23. The tour will conclude with North American appearances from June 22 until August 10. “Beliebers” are grabbing tickets for concerts in their area at a speedy rate, and shows have been selling out since the beginning of the tour, which is providing the singing star with an opportunity to promote his “Believe” album.

Ever since the singer’s mother posted videos of his performances on YouTube, the young man has received a great deal of attention. It was not long before he acquired a following on YouTube and now has a Twitter account that is second only to Lady Gaga in the amount of followers it has. The singer/songwriter has become a heartthrob to adoring fans across North America and around the world. He easily sells out concert performances when on tour, and he has skyrocketed to fame through a very successful musical career. The Canadian singer wants to please all of his fans when he travels, and so far he has been doing just that.

Author: istanbul

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