Justin Bieber’s Believe tour in Istanbul

Bieber Fever is coming Istanbul. Justin Bieber’s “Believe” tour is stretching into 2013, now including a stop in Istanbul.

The hearts of Beliebers across Turkey will be set aflutter as the Believe tour hits Istanbul at İnonu Stadium on May 02, 2013.

The tickets are selling like hot cakes, Bieber’s third studio album “Believe,” was released on June 15, 2012 through Island Records. It marked a musical departure from the teen pop sound.

The young star’s “Believe Tour” is attracting a huge number of fans since it began in September of 2012.

The “Believe Tour” is taking the 18-year-old singing sensation to other parts of the world besides North America. Europe and Africa are also on the schedule for concerts taking place from February 17 until May 23. The tour will conclude with North American appearances from June 22 until August 10. “Beliebers” are grabbing tickets for concerts in their area at a speedy rate, and shows have been selling out since the beginning of the tour, which is providing the singing star with an opportunity to promote his “Believe” album.

Ever since the singer’s mother posted videos of his performances on YouTube, the young man has received a great deal of attention. It was not long before he acquired a following on YouTube and now has a Twitter account that is second only to Lady Gaga in the amount of followers it has. The singer/songwriter has become a heartthrob to adoring fans across North America and around the world. He easily sells out concert performances when on tour, and he has skyrocketed to fame through a very successful musical career. The Canadian singer wants to please all of his fans when he travels, and so far he has been doing just that.

Author: istanbul

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