King of FADO in Istanbul

Portugal’s most famous Fado singer “Camane ” coming to Istanbul for a concert on May 29th.
The concert will be held in Cemil Resi Rey ( CRR ) Concert Hall in Sisli district.

Camane started singing at the age of 8 and made his first album in 1995 , produced by Jose Mario Branco.
His albums sold over 6 million copies.

After Amalia Rodrigues, known as the Queen of Fado, Camane is the Fado Prince they say.

The fado is undoubtedly Portugal’s most famous music. It is also a most rewarding experience which amply repays any effort that may be entailed in its initial appreciation.

Although Portugal has other types of folk music, it is the fado which has come to represent the country. As in the case of flamenco in Spain, this is largely because the usually melancholy sound of the fado is so distinctive, inevitably inviting comparisons with the blues. It is also heavily present in Lisbon cafés, so that if this is your first point of contact with the country, you are likely to think it is ubiquitous.

In fact, fado is pretty well limited to Lisbon itself and to the city of Coimbra. The Lisbon strain is supposed to come from the quarters of Alfama and Mouraria and, again like flamenco, has long represented a way to escape from poverty. Coimbra being historically and now a university town, the fado there is more academic and associated with students, although some artistes or groups have broken out onto a broader stage.

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