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Rendering café and bar services since 2005, Kitchenette hosts its guests by offering the comfort of a home equipped with a modern style. Merging distinct flavors from the world cuisine, Kitchenette takes pride in its selection of hand-made bread baked freshly in its stone-oven, illustrating the perfect marriage between its cozy atmosphere and inspiring modern design. All dishes prepared with great care, Kitchenette provides an all-day breakfast menu, even offering a “Fit for you,” option on the menu to accommodate the variety of daily diets.

Kitchenette, opened first at Adress Istanbul, and Kanyon Shopping Center. Based on the principle of always offering the best to its guests, Kitchenette is now serving and presenting its unique, high-quality dining experience worldwide. With locations varying from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Baku, comprising of 17 branches in total.

Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, Kitchenette, also serves coffee and patisserie products for those wiling to stop shopping for a minute and take a break.

At Kitchenette, you can also buy various types of bread and delicious cakes cooked in its bakery as a takeaway. Featuring the modern and warm design of Autoban Mimarlık and first class service of Istanbul Doors Group, Kitchenette offers a fresh joy. Capable of catering for 120 people, Kitchenette offers a very rich menu from breakfast to appetizers, sandwich, salad, pasta, steak and seafood as well as delicious bread selections right from its very own bakery. Besides dark tea offered in traditional, thin-waist glasses, various herbal teas in unique tastes and wide coffee menu promise to make Kitchenette a place for everyone.

Kitchenette is located at Adress Istanbul, Kanyon, Astoria and several other branches around Istanbul.

Tel: (0212) 268 2222

Capitol, Altunizade Tel: 0216 651 41 44
Kitchenette Palladium, Kadıköy Tel: 0216 663 14 15
Kitchenette Bebek Tel: 0212 287 11 61
Kitchenette Taksim Tel: 0212 292 68 62
Kitchenette Astoria, Esentepe Tel: 0212 215 22 82
Kitchenette Capacity, Bakırköy Tel: 0212 661 05 60
Kitchenette Kanyon, Levent Tel: 0212 353 06 86
Kitchenette Addresİstanbul Tel: 0212 222 43 80
Kitchenette Forum Bornova Bornova Tel: 0232 339 40 09
Kitchenette Forum Mersin Yenişehir Tel: 0324 331 51 80

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