Lady Gaga goes shopping incognito in Istanbul’s Nisantasi district

Lady Gaga was spotted shopping in Istanbul this week. Everybody has become familiar with Lady Gaga’s extravagant outfits and eccentric costumes on stage, but the queen of pop has now taken her talents of disguise to the streets of Istanbul.

A day after performing her first concert in Turkey in front of a gigantic crowd, Lady Gaga was spotted walking and shopping in Nisantasi, one of Istanbul’s most poshest neighborhoods, wearing an Islamic headscarf and a long dress.

The trick was apparently successful, as the pop diva entered many shops incognito.

Nisantasi is well known for its fashion and designer shops. It is also generally a staunchly secular neighborhood, which also makes Gaga’s choice of a headscarf somewhat ironic.

Earlier this year, a video in which a conservative religious reporter attempted to prove the “frivolous” life of Nişantaşı, recently went viral on social media, exposing once again the wide discrepancies between Istanbul’s districts in terms of religious practice.

Author: istanbul

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