Let’stanbul 2011 experimental art festival to inspire Istanbul

Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir University – Creative Ideas Institute, which made its name heard within the scope of the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture events, will initiate an experimental art festival in the city.

Let’stanbul 2011 Experimental Art Festival, which will feature 12 experimental art applications from five disciplines in different places in Istanbul from Sept. 9 and 15, will be attended by young artists from all around the world. Organized by the university’s students, the project aims to bring art to public areas.

The one-week festival will host 15 independent creative artists including publicists, photographers, musicians, designers and theater artists who will implement their projects prepared for the city.

The festival will also present side events as well as 12 different experimental art applications.

Also during the festival, meetings will be organized in different places of the city at the end of each day. These meetings will be joined by participants of the project.

Further information about the festival visit:

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