The place that brings meyhane culture to the Bosphorus, Levendiz Greek Tavern opens its doors to friend and business groups who are seeking to have unforgettable nights accompanied by delicious mezes and Turkish&Greek live music.

If you are amongst the people who’s motto is “I have lots of things to celebrate in my life”, Levendiz is the best place for you. Reflecting the traditional meyhane culture with its unique Bosphorus view, outstanding foods and high quality service; Levendiz is open 6 days a week between 20.00-01.00.

Levendiz is mostly known with seafood specials and 18 types of Greek mezes mixed with the flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine. The attraction of foods is integrated with the wonderful Bosphorus view and enriched by Turkish and Greek live music performed by Buzuki Uğur and his band.

Levendiz is calling you
Levendiz Greek Tavern who can host 130 people, is the most privilegied meyhane in Istanbul night life. It provides the perfect night experience across the unique Bosphorus landscape, and serves the forgotten community mezes.

At the tavern, the time of drinking begins with the sunset, continues with “çilingir sofrası” table accompanyling rakı, cacıki, Greek salad, bowl of green aromatic herbs; continues with the tripe mezes from the 18th century… Dishes are followed by a plate of small fishes and special mastic dessert or semolina dessert.

Levendiz is at the top of İstanbul’s best restaurants league in winter time. Dance, music, laughs and pleasure are completing the Levendiz night. A place that you can have an unforgettable night with your guests, a place that will keep the loveliest part of your memories… Enjoy yourself, enjoy the Bosphorus while drinking raki and tasting incredible mezes at Levendiz Greek tavern. Let all these beauties get you drunk!


Weekdays: 95 TL per person included food and unlimited local drinks
Weekend (Friday&Saturday) 110 TL per person included food and unlimited local drinks

Muallim Naci Caddesi No:71

Reservation number: 0 212 236 72 56 – 57

Author: istanbul

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