A way of life in Istanbul

This month, CNNGo explores Istanbul the metropolis that bridges two continents.

By bridge and by boat, they spent the better part of five days criss-crossing Istanbul — from Europe to Asia, and back again.

CNN has filmed more then eight hours of material in at least a dozen different locations around Istanbul.

They meet with the popular Turkish singer Zara at Mihrabat Grove which is across the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge on the Asia side of the city.

Lastly they visited one of the most sacred sites in the Islamic world, the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. This is where we met Whirling Dervish Abdurrahman Tevruz.

The news channel is promoting economic, social and cultural attractions in Turkey on its “i-List Turkey” program.

The show will focus on key economic industries in Turkey including textiles and clothing, construction and automotive. It will promote the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and the central province of Konya as well as the southeastern province of Gaziantep, famous for its traditional Turkish cuisine.

Information about Turkey is available on CNN’s website.

Promotion films on the theme “Turkey Rises” will be aired on CNN International through March.

See part two of the show below, to discover how Asia and Europe converge in unexpected ways in Turkey’s metropolis.

Author: istanbul

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