Lush hotel

The Lush hotel is a boutique hotel in Istanbul with 35 different rooms which are designed separately with a highly cultured history of Istanbul concept in Beyoglu. Each room has its own concept with their own identity. Beyoglu apartments have a modern history and classic style fitting the city’s identity.

The Lush hotel reflects Istanbul’s colors, mystery, the nobility, the chaos, the pleasure in hosting the Beyoglu character. At Sıraselviler Street, number 12 everyone’s feels at home to their own culture, the spirit of a flare can find living space promises a boutique hotel has been … History The history of coke, with a touch of fairy tale, which connects to the future of an old Istanbul apartment … Beyoğlu elegance of the 1950s, however, that the worthy gentleman in the lines of Istanbul, Lush Hotel coming to life …

105-year history, the spirit and texture of the fully renovated building, shows the details and lines up again back to how life has been in Istanbul. The Lush Hotel offers a unique concept beyond the city and chaos in the heart of the city. Have a relaxing, enjoyable, authentic time in this modern living space.

The different architectural periods of Old Beyoğlu reflex the references made by Lush Hotel’s different style and concept interiour. Furthermore, you can pamper yourself at the SPA massage, jacuzzi and feel renewable and day.

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Lush hotel
Sıraselviler Cad. No:12
Sıra Selviler / Beyoğlu
Tel: +90 212 243 95 95
Faks: +90 212 292 15 66

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