Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower (Kiz Kulesi) stands in the middle of Bosphorus where the two continents Europe and Asia meet.

Although it is not definite as to when the Maiden’s Tower was built, the tower’s architectural style is said to be from around 340 BCE. The Maiden’s Tower has been used for many different purposes over time, such as a tax collection area from merchantman, a defense tower, and a lighthouse. More recently, the tower featured in the 1999 Bond film The World is Not Enough.

There are many legends about the construction of the tower and its location. According to the most popular Turkish legend, a sultan had a much beloved daughter. One day, an oracle prophesied that a venomous snake would kill her on her 18th birthday. The sultan had the tower built in the middle of the Bosphorus to protect his daughter and to keep her away from any snakes until her 18th birthday. The princess was placed in the tower, where she was frequently visited only by her father.

These days, the tower is a café-restaurant decked out like an Ottoman banquet hall, which is very popular with wedding parties.

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